There are two kinds of brands in fashion: Image-driven brands that rely on target groups to define their style. And personality-driven brands, where the product is an expression of the people who make it. Matador is a personality-driven brand. When Martin Imdahl founded Matador in 1996 he and his posse had already seen the powder fields and point breaks of the world. They had already worn out the velcros on their surf shorts and torn their snowboard pants on cliffs in the backcountry.
While still active in board sports, they were – invariably – growing older. And that was a problem. Simply put, they felt ridiculous walking around in skate clothes made for fifteen-year-olds. At the same time wandering down fashion avenue made them feel as if they were going to their own funeral. In founding Matador, they decided to turn their own needs into a
collection. And that’s what Matador still does today.
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